Ynassomoh Studio

Rinat Homossany Perry, has been in the fashion industry for the last ten years. She started  by doing a bachelor's degree in English Literature after graduation she began working for a famous Israeli fashion designer. As an Assistant General Manager, she got to know the fashion design industry from the sewing workshops, through the organization of fashion events, productions and public relation.


Following this position, she began studying fashion design followed by sewing, tailoring and textile studies. After completing her studies she worked as a seamstress at a costume warehouse and bridal boutique.


Rinat founded her own fashion label ‘Ynassomoh’, for modern business women and brides, where she worked closely with clients helping them style the right look for their lifestyle and personality.



The brand is about being feminine, elegant and powerful at the same time with a bit of edge.


The line is tailored and elegant, combining funk motifs such as metals, zippers and various prints. The sewing is done by hand and the fabrics are of the highest quality, so that at any time of the day you look and feel elegant.


The brand's uniqueness lies in the matching of the garment to the client.