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People respond differently to new beginnings. Some do not like to move out of their comfort zone, whereas for others, like me- moving to a new place is a pretty cool thing.

It does have its downsides; I miss my family, my friends and I had to close my fashion label which was starting to take off. But after all, you don’t get a lot of opportunities to go on a new adventure to a totally different part of the world. After thinking about the pros and cons we came to a decision that this was a once of a lifetime opportunity, and we moved to Singapore. That was 6 months ago.

Singapore is a beautiful country; it is very diverse in many

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aspects, whether it is food, culture, language, people or my favorite, aesthetic style. As a new explorer I started to walk around Singapore to get a sense of the atmosphere. Led by my sense of aesthetics, which draws me especially to aspects of design, I started observing the way people dress. One of the ways to learn about a countries style is by paying attention to the local’s way of dressing for their day to day routine. In Singapore the best way to observe this is in the MRT.

The MRT is the subway/underground/metro of Singapore, and what makes it so interesting is that people there either sit or stand still, so you can really look at every aesthetic aspect of each person’s style. If you have a playlist playing on your Iphone, it’ll give everything around you a unique atmosphere.

On this blog I am going to explore the aesthetics of Singapore, with all its uniqueness and diversities.


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