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As a designer I constantly look for inspiration everywhere I go,

boy and girl.jpg

This couple was so perfectly matched, the black and white top, short white pants, her b&w nail polish, his white shirt and black folded pants, and let’s not forget the colorful tattoo. This is a pose for a fashion shoot; It simply emphasizes the elegance of Black and White.

The length of Singaporeans'

pants/skirts is very short. However, they balance it by having a high neckline on the upper part of their outfit. The art of being chic and elegant is mostly about revealing skin in unexpected ways, and with moderation. Revealing a bare back while wearing a below the knee length bottom, creates a powerful statement and is more intriguing then pairing it with a short skirt. If we take the woman in this picture for example, the loose high neckline shirt worn with short pants and sneakers emphasize her long beautiful legs. So next time you want to show some skin, choose the most attractive part of your body. If you decide to show some cleavage, go for a below the knee bottom, and if you decide to expose your beautiful legs, balance your outfit with a loose high neckline top.

Have fun and stay chic!


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