Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal.

Every season the fashion industry introduces new collections and trends. Some seasons the collections suit us perfectly, and sometimes the new trends don’t really flatter us or match our own style or personality. Finding our personal fashion style has a lot to do with knowing and accepting ourselves. The majority of people tend to go with the common fashion trends while disregarding their own sense of style.

When I saw this unique woman I could not stop staring at her.

personal style

It wasn’t because of her clothes- it was her personal aesthetic, confidence and uniqueness I couldn’t help admiring. Having the courage to express your personal style is not a simple thing to do. Personal style is based on various aspects of your personality and lifestyle. It’s not easy to identify your genuine personal aesthetic and create a signature style that expresses it, regardless of current trends.

The beauty of Singapore is in the aesthetic diversity. From traditional colorful clothes to modern monochromatic, no matter what your personal style is, you will always find another person on the MRT or street that has a similar aesthetic taste. Nonetheless, no matter where you live, remember: “Fashion fades; style is eternal” YSL.

Have fun and stay chic!

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