Men's Fashion

Ok, so let’s talk about men’s fashion.

We all know some men hate shopping and others don’t like it as much as most women do. I have found that there is a growing percentage of men that are starting to appreciate dressing up and shopping for it.

Yes, most men don’t give a lot of thought to what they are going to wear in the morning. They usually have their basic jeans and T-shirt or a suit, depending on their profession, perhaps not always the right cut or the right fit and most times without giving it a personal unique touch. However, once in a while you see a sharp dressed man wearing everything right and it is impressive.

This man for example, is wearing a basic t-shirt and chino pants, something most men wear all the time, but in his case he added an open button shirt and a flat hat that gave him a sharp trendy look.

Yes, wearing a clean fitted outfit is one more thing to think about in the morning, but when you dress sharp, you radiate self-respect and self-worth. And most important, it will boost your self-confidence.

Today, some people think that if a man gives too much thought concerning his clothes it is an indication of his sexual preference or orientation. I believe that a man who dresses well, and takes notice of his appearance shows he cares about his personal aesthetics and thus is very appealing to any gender.

So, next time you men get ready in the morning, give it a little more thought and remember, you deserve to look great!

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